Liese Groot - Embracing difference as a point of connection


Limited Release of this valuable Plenary Session recording from the 2021 CANZ Conference, last date to watch is the 18th of September, 2021.

Loss is part of life and grief is the word commonly used to describe the range of individual responses and emotions unique to each person. Grief provides the tools for dealing with the losses experienced during life’s journey.

Mourning is the public face of grief. Each culture, family, work place and community has it’s way of responding to grief and loss. There are many ceremonies, rituals and traditions that publicly facilitate the pain of death and dying, grief and loss. Difficulties can arise when one culture/group does not recognise and honour the differences in the experiences and expressions around death and dying, grief and loss of another culture/group. Problems also arise when generalisations and assumptions are made.

This presentation explores ways to remain open to difference in order to facilitate the transformation of grief into a journey of healing and hope together.

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