CANZ National Conference 2021

For 2021, we will be having our first ever one day virtual conference! In this time of COVID-19, and in line with overwhelming feedback received from the survey this year, we found it best to make this coming year's conference virtual.


Ticket sales are now closed.

Connection, Reflection & Direction across Aotearoa, New Zealand

DATE: 23 May 2021, 9am - 5pm including the AGM [11.20 to 11.50am].

VENUE: This is a virtual conference. You can attend a 'Branch Huddle' with members of your local branch (the local branch venue will be advised by branches at a later date), or as a 'Lounge Lizard' from the comfort of your own home.

This conference is open to both members and non-members of the Celebrants’ Association. If you have a passion for celebrant work of any description or are just keen to learn more about the work a celebrant does, we invite you to come along to this event.

A diverse and concise array of plenary speakers and workshop sessions promises to make for an interesting and informative day that will pique your interest about the new ways in which we can learn from each other online and will offer new directions for learning and professional work. Most importantly though, is the opportunity to recharge, refill and where possible, to connect in person at branch level. The plenary speakers and workshops are designed to stimulate and inform your thinking and will be aligned to the three domains of the CANZ Bodies of Knowledge: Professional Practice, Professional Knowledge, and Professional Education and associated competencies. Plenary sessions are those where all members attend the one session together.

When you sign up, pay special attention to the 3:50 workshop time as there are two options:

As a branch member attending a 'Branch Huddle' there are 3 workshops to vote on -  please note, a majority outcome will determine which workshop your ‘Branch Huddle’ will attend together.

As a 'Lounge Lizard' you will get to choose from any of the 5 workshops when attending from the comfort of your own home. 'Lounge Lizards' also get to choose which Plenary session they will focus on for the 3pm Q&A breakout.


Programme for the day

 See full programme here

8.15am (45 min) Join early, then grab a coffee or early morning cuppa and get settled in ready to start.
(This is also a time to iron out any technical hitches before we open at 9am sharp so we do encourage you to join early)

9am (15 min) Mihi whakatau and karakia
Welcome by CANZ President, Lianne Fraser
Agenda and AV housekeeping

9.15am (60 min) PLENARY: Celebrate Connections: Be Visible, Be Credible, Be Yourself by Jennifer Myers

10.15am (15 min) Morning Tea

10.30am (50 min) PLENARY: We’re all in the same garden by Farid Ahmed

11.20am (30 min) AGM

11.50am (30 min) An update from BDM by Jeff Montgomery – sponsored by The Celebrants Training College

12.20am (60 min) Lunch – enjoy your break from ZOOM!

1.20pm (50 min) PLENARY: Embracing difference as a point of connection by Liese Groot

2.10pm (50 min) PLENARY: Listening and speaking as a celebrant’s greatest gifts by Robyn Hewetson

3pm (30 min) Q&A breakouts. Conversations with each other about one of the workshop topics.
+ Branch members can use this time to share their thoughts together.
+ Those attending virtually will be able to choose a plenary session as their discussion topic/break-out session to attend.

3.30pm (20 min) Afternoon Tea – time for a stretch before workshopping together

3.50pm (60 min) Workshop

Workshops for attendees at ‘Branch Huddles’ - vote on your preferred workshop
+ Melissa Zgomba – Marketing and how to sell yourself
+ Shelley Brunskill-Matson – Vicarious trauma and self-care
+ Virginia Brookes – Safe practice around suicide

Workshops for lounge lizards - choose which workshop you will attend
+ Melissa Zgomba – Marketing and how to sell yourself
+ Shelley Brunskill-Matson – Vicarious trauma and self-care
+ Virginia Brookes – Safe practice around suicide
+ Angela Murray – The use of interpreters for New Zealand Sign Language (NZSL) [limited to 20 people]
+ Amiria Anglem – A korero: conversation about te reo Maori [limited to 20 people]

4.50pm (10 min) President closes the conference
Whakamutunga – Closing and thanks.



Please email if you have questions or encounter any issues at all with registering for the conference.